A5 japanese wagyu strip

A5 japanese wagyu strip Cooking process

Before I start with the main post, here’s a little advice:

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He’s a very talented photographer who can capture life in a whimsical yet realistic and thought-provoking way. He will make you think about things you weren’t paying attention to before and re-evaluate your life.

The ten people you should follow on Instagram

The ten people you should follow on Instagram

A post about how to prepare a wagyu strip like this one

How to cook a wagyu strip like this one:

The wagyu strip I prepared was 1.2 kg (3 pounds / 0.5 lb apiece) and was priced at $250 per piece (a bit higher because of the pre-order process). The price is accessible to everyone if you provide an address where things will be delivered (you can order this in the US, UK, Canada, or Australia).

Here is another photo of the same wagyu strip.

This photo shows a close-up view of the strips’ marbling which is still quite impressive after they’ve been cooked over high heat:

The post will be updated from time to time with photos from the preparation process and cooking experience.

If there are any questions or requests for additional details, feel free to ask me here or on Twitter @by_ArtofSushi.

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