Japanese a5 wagyu nobu

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Soy sauce: I just got a bunch of miso in the mail. Not miso soup, but the stuff that’s supposed to make you pretty. I’ll be trying it out in various forms soon.

The beef is a weird shape for Wagyu, but it tastes and looks great!

I like it a lot!

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From what I can see, there is a lot of marbling. There might be very little fat marbling because the meat is so lean these days. But the flavor is fantastic and rich, and even though the texture is different, it has many of the same qualities as regular Wagyu. It feels right to me that this kind of thing would be called “wagyu” and not something else. If we were arguing about which name was more accurate or whatever, then sure, “wagyu type A” would probably make more sense. Still, there already is a specific category out there called “Japanese Wagyu.” Why not call something Japanese Wagyu too?

Takeaway: If American Wagyu stinks (and it does!), why should we call our version Japanese Wagyu? Good question!

Japanese wagyu Nobu

Japanese Wagyu Nobu

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If you love beef, this one is for you! The Japanese Wagyu Nobu beef is a delicacy found only in Japan. This recipe will show you how to make this fantastic dish at home.

This is my favorite post of the month so far; sorry, it’s light on meat.

This is my favorite post of the month so far; sorry, it’s light on meat.

This is a good post for you. You’ll probably like it too!

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And this is a good post for me, too… better than the last one I wrote. We should have gone with this one instead of that other one–you know what I’m saying? Let’s remember everything else and focus on this one thing here: how much fun do you think we could have had if we’d done nothing but read articles about Japanese Wagyu Nobu beef steaks?

We are cooking Japanese Wagyu beef.

My take on this was that you should not eat the meat if it looks like maggots are crawling on there. It’s essential to eat the beef when it is in good condition and in a way where you can visually judge how fresh it is.

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I will be posting these as individual posts along with a full explanation, so some of these comments are from friends who read these posts, but many are my observations.

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