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How to find the best wagyu burger

If you want to find the best wagyu burger, you should look for these things:

Where to find the best wagyu in japan

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The best place to find Japan’s top-quality wagyu is in the Kansai region (the area around Osaka). There you’ll find the famed Yamamotoyabes beef, which comes from cows raised on a diet of potatoes and seaweed.

In Kyoto, you can sample Yasaka beef (also known as Miyazaki) from cattle raised on land that was once part of a former estate belonging to Toyotomi Hideyoshi (known as “The Great” for his great deeds).

In Aomori Prefecture, there are two places worth visiting: Tenzan Beef Market and Rokusen Ranch. The latter has been producing Kobe since 1921!

Yasaka beef

Yasaka beef is a Japanese wagyu beef from Yasaka-cho in Nara, Japan. It was initially bred by Hiroaki Inoue and his wife, Yukiko Inoue, to preserve the traditional breeds of cattle they had raised since 1976. The couple began producing buffalo in their backyard before moving on to other animals like deer and pigs. After several years of research, they created this new breed which combines genes from domestic cattle (which have been around for thousands of years) and foreign species, including buffalo (introduced into Japan during its feudal period).

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Yasaka beef is highly prized because it has all three characteristics needed for good quality: tenderness, flavor, and marbling—that means internal fat content! This makes it perfect for eating raw or grilled with your favorite sauce over rice or noodles!

Kura beef

Kura beef is a premium wagyu beef produced by Kura Ranch in Japan. The ranch has been in business since the 1970s and produces Wagyu and Kobe-style cattle.

Kura Ranch is located in Tokushima, Japan, where it was founded by Mr. Toyokazu Matsumoto (the founder of Matsumoto Beef). The ranch’s name means “black” in Japanese—the color of its cattle—and it’s considered one of the most prestigious ranches for producing high-quality Wagyu cattle.

Yamamotoyabes beef

The beef is a crossbreed of Wagyu and Brahman cattle native to India. It was created by crossing the beef from Yamamotoyabes with Angus cows.

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Yamamotoyabes Beef can be found at most Japanese restaurants in Tokyo, but you may also find it in some supermarkets or butcher shops if there’s a local supplier nearby. You can buy either fresh or frozen (defrosted) meat; however, if you’re ordering something special like kuroge yaki (black pepper marinated), it needs to be prepared for the best results.

If you’re looking for other types of wagyu beef that aren’t available locally but are sold internationally—such as Kobe from Japan—check out this list: http://en-mitsu-wagyu-kobe/.

Kamikatsu beef

Kamikatsu beef is a type of wagyu beef that is produced in Japan. It’s known for its marbling and quality, making it one of the most expensive types of beef on the market. The name “kai katsu” comes from Kam-katsu (鴨沢), which means “cow pasture.” Kamikatsu cows are raised on grasslands with no grain or other feed supplements, so they can roam around freely and eat anything they want—including bugs! This leads to a more tender cut than most other breeds because they don’t have any fillers like corn or soybeans added during the processing like regular cattle do when being processed into ground chuck filet mignon at Trader Joe’s.)

This is a nice pic from the Tamanoi beef festival or the best wagyu burger in the world.

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It dried wagyu and truffles.

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