Japanese wagyu rib roast recipe

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The standard meat in the Japanese beef industry is Wagyu (Japanese: ワグワイ), a breed of cattle that originated in Japan and is explicitly raised for high-quality, marbled beef. Wagyu is also known as Japanese Black Japanese Wagyu.

In Japan, there are two types of Wagyu: Sumiudo (Sumidokoro) and Tokuda (Tokudoko). Sumida is the purest form of Wagyu; it is almost all black with a strip of white hair on the belly from head to tail. Tokuda has a few spots of white fur on its sides. Both types are scarce and expensive because only about 300 cows worldwide can be said to conform to this strict definition.

The first thing you should know about Wagyu is that it’s carried by two names, one American and one Japanese; “Kobe” is used in America, where Kobe Beef originated, while “Wagyu” refers to the original animals from Japan. Aside from those two prominent names, there are multiple other names, such as “A5”, “A6”, and “A7”. All these different names refer to different breeds of cattle with further cuts which differ in weight but share similar production techniques and characteristics. A5 cattle have a leaner texture than A6 cattle, but both have higher fat levels compared to A3 or A4 cattle which have less marbling than A2 or A1 cattle which have even less marbling than that found on the purest steak like that found at Newport Beach Prime Steakhouse. The difference between all these breeds is relatively tiny, even though their price tag varies widely depending on their cut and country of origin; some Asian markets sell necked stock at over $200/kg!

On top of this confusion regarding terminology, there are also several other terms used when discussing wagyu beef, including

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Japanese wagyu rib roast

The recipe is on the third page. It’s a Japanese Wagyu Rib Roast that you can cook for your family and friends to enjoy.

The recipe is simple but requires time and effort to prepare properly. If you have an extra day at home before eating with friends, this will be the perfect meal for you!

recipe for a Japanese wagyu rib roast

Let’s get started!

Japanese wagyu rib roast recipe

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The full recipe is on the third page.

The full recipe is on the third page.

The recipe is on the second page.

The recipe is on the first page.

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The recipe is in this cookbook!

Serves: 4 people (2-3 main courses + 1 side dish)

Four pieces of wagyu rib roast, about 300–350 g each

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