Japanese wagyu steak ho chi minh

Japanese wagyu steak ho chi minh Cooking process

This steak is from a small chain ( http://www.wagyu-steak.com ) in Ho Chi Minh City that serves wagyu beef by kilogram ($14). I would expect it to cost more!

Wagyu Beef Ho Chi Minh City

The single serving size was quite pricey at $36 (~2 kg), but it was worth it because the beef was incredibly tender and flavored. It came with some dipping sauce with a strong umami flavor, so I think some umeboshi (Japanese pickled plum) paste or something similar.

I recommend trying this if you’re looking for an authentic Japanese meal in Vietnam!

Wagyu beef is a type of Japanese beef.

Wagyu is Japanese beef bred and raised for its specific flavor. The most expensive cuts of wagyu cost thousands of dollars per pound, but they’re worth it: these steaks are tender, flavorful, and melt-in-your-mouth good.

Wagyu beef is a high-quality product because it’s made from purebred cows fed specially grown grasses to produce meat with superior taste and quality. As opposed to other types of cattle, such as Angus or Hereford breeds (which can be found at many local grocery stores), wagyu cows only eat grass during their lifetime—not corn silos or grain feeds as cows do in America!

I am not a beef connoisseur. I have tried some tasty well-marbled cuts of beef, but they are rare in Japan. Wagyu is a type of Japanese Beef (Minced Meat) with good fat marbling and soft texture. Hence it is hard to find. When we go to the US or Europe, we see Wagyu steak and other premium beef cuts like Kobe or Angus. These are expensive cuts of meat that you get only once in a while at restaurants or specialty stores.

The good fat marbling makes it non-vegetarian and great for grilling on charcoal – Yukari (h/t to @sora___jiin)

The best wagyu steak is served in mid-range restaurants such as Hakata Tonkatsu Honten. However, if you are looking for a regular *cheap* restaurant where you can taste the real deal, skip the steak and go for their other dish – Kadoya. If you want high-quality meat with a delicious taste throughout your body (just like butter), try their Chashu ramen. If you want something cheaper than Chashu ramen, go for their Kaedama – melt-in-mouth minced meat served with boiled bean paste 麹黄豆腐, soy sauce pickled vegetables 熟年菜, scallions 肉 の 切り身, seaweed タイカ, and garlic flakes アラパマニ; or their Yaki Donburi. For vegetarians who love minced meat too much to give up on eating any beef (but would still love some lean meat), then skip the yakiniku side dishes 食いもの side dishes (like an onion.

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