Most expensive japanese wagyu

Most expensive japanese wagyu Cooking process

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All the usual suspects are for sale at the Tokyo Auction House.

The most expensive Japanese wagyu is for sale at the Tokyo Auction House.

The Tokyo Auction House is one of the world’s largest luxury auction houses, and it specializes in Japanese art, antiques, and collectibles. They’ve held auctions with thousands of items over their years of existence—and they don’t just hold regular auctions; they also organize events like “Kobe Beef Caravan,” where you can bid on something rare while taking your chances with a bug zapper.

There was a guy who spent almost a million USD on this one.

The man who spent almost a million USD on this one was an American who will remain nameless. He had gone to Japan to buy some rare wagyu beef and found it too expensive. So instead of accepting what he wanted, one of the best pieces of raw meat in Japan (which would have cost around 100k), he decided to bid on something cheaper and less impressive: A single cow.

It’s unclear if he thought that by doing this, his bank account would be filled with cash, and then he could go out and buy more expensive stuff later on down the road—or if it’s simply because he doesn’t understand how much money things like wagyu cattle costs? Either way: He bought this cow at auction for over 1 million dollars!

If you’re interested, you should look into it.

If you’re interested in Japanese wagyu, it’s worth looking into. It will cost more than the other options on this list, and some people may need to be more comfortable paying so much for a steak. But if you’re a fan of Japanese beef, this is one of the best options.

#4: Kobe Beef

Kobe beef is arguably the most famous beef in Japan. It is also one of the most expensive and widely coveted cuts of meat worldwide. Many people have sought to get their hands on this product in recent years.

Costs: Varies from $100/kg to thousands of dollars/kg, depending on how much you want to spend. There are two types of Kobe beef: “Pure” (the name originates from a port city where cattle was raised) and “Post-Marinade,” which is a blend of marinated and un-marinated Kobe Beef.

The Steak I’ve Been Looking For: A 24oz rib eye that has been aged for at least six months (I’ve only seen it once) Source–ribeye–30gm–steak/ Selling Price: $450 Source Prices: Approximately $1,000-$1,500 per kilogram* (*This Price includes shipping fees.) Notes: The higher cost is due to being able to purchase smaller quantities relatively cheaper than if you were buying in bulk; however, if you want 100+ kg, then it will cost more (per kilogram). This steak weighs ~7 pounds or ~3 kg with my scale Source (this link doesn’t specify how much this steak weighs; however, remember that the total pound weight listed is 454 ounces while the net.

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