What does a japanese wagyu cow look like

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The Japanese believe their Wagyu cattle are sacred.

Wagyu is a breed of cattle with high demand in the world market. They are raised in Japan and have been since ancient times. The Wagyu cattle are bred for tenderness, aroma, and flavor with a long life span (up to 20 years).

The Japanese believe their Wagyu cattle are sacred because they have kept them as an essential part of their culture for centuries.

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The Japanese believe their Wagyu cattle are sacred – they should be treated with the utmost respect and, hence, only be slaughtered when old. As a result, the livestock is protected by Japanese law, which makes it difficult to export them out of Japan. The government would only approve one auction of frozen cattle annually (of which there are only three bids). For years, this has been an ongoing contention between the USDA and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries (MAFF).

Furthermore, as I wrote in a previous post, there are approximately 0-1 million cows on each parcel of land in Japan, meaning they have a considerable amount to sustain upon those lands alone. In addition, breeding stock is constantly being raised, meaning that the supply of Wagyu cattle will always remain strong. Even by the 2030s, Japan will not experience any population decline or food shortage due to low birth rates or aging population syndrome. Therefore why would we need to invest tens/hundreds or thousands (or more) dollars into importing them from other parts of the world? What benefit could there be? Is it just pure greed by certain sections within the media/agriculture sector? While I acknowledge that these issues still need addressing, so I won’t dismiss them outright, it’s essential to consider all sides before making such decisions.

It’s a fact: WAGYU Cattle exist in Japan SOURCE: By most definitions, Wagyu is a beef breed indigenous to Japan. This means they were developed here, were first domesticated here, and are significant because they’re used for meat production here – due to their high-quality meat being considered highly prized in international cuisine (in particular amongst sushi chefs). Wagyu beef was so prized here that many consider it obscene.

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